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Our elementary school/junior school is a school for children from about five to eleven years of age, in which they receive primary or elementary education. Typically it comes after preschool and before high school. We consider primary education as a single-phase where we designed programme to provide fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics and to establish a solid foundation for learning.  Elementary school education is the first stage of basic education. We believe in the ‘do it yourself approach’ our students compete at all levels.                                        

We also do a lot outside the classroom ’activities that aid learning. We have been able to make learning more interesting through our e-classroom with the various technological ideas implemented at each level. Our Diction is huge as we use the speak right or keep the quiet approach to curtail speaking out of turn while ensuring eloquence in our learner speaking skill. Poise ad etiquette, diction, Coding, and robotic are Integra parts of our curriculum. We believe in grooming the best child and achieving excellence in doing the same. We offer an adapted version of the National Curriculum of England; our students write the Cambridge checkpoint examination as we as the common entrance school leaving certificate examinations. Our students are our pride.

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